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SHIELD Held Its Annual Tree-Planting Festival

Number of visits:681 date:2015-03-15

SHIELD Company held its annual tree-planting festival inside its factory area on March 18, 2015. This activity of this year,with the theme of “Village-Enterprise cooperation forms a green common home”, was supported by local government (YEDA) and SHIELD’s friendly community, Sihe Village.

General Manger Mr.Dou Fan and Vice General Manager, Mr.Zhu Hongwei, together with fellow employees, planted a ginkgo tree, anticipating harmonious relationship with local community and environment nearby through our clean production. We hope our offer of environment friendly materials, including LED phosphor, sputtering target and conductive silver paste, are able to assist the China’s urbanization process in a low carbon way, and also guide our citizen’s green consumption lifestyle. That is our promise to the society, with a slogan of “Light the world, light the future”.

Colleagues in SHIELD planted over ten pieces of tress, such as ginkgo and guava. We can feel our team spirit in this activity and are more confident to be engaged in environmental friendly materials industry.

Figures in the photo above(from left): Mr.Doufan, Dr. Heinz?Rolf-Stock, Mr. Zhuhongwei

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