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SHIELD Held Its Exterior Training On Industrial Gases

Number of visits:412 date:2015-06-26

SHIELD is pushing forward its plan for “Work Safety Month” of 2015. SHIELD continued holding an exterior specialized training on June 25, 2015, after successful interior work safety training. Work safety specialists and operators from phosphor &sputtering target projects received this training.

The trainers, experts from Air Liquide Company(a prominent global industrial gases supplier), investigated the gas devices, circuit arrangement and safeguard facilities of nitride and hydrogen and offered an updating suggestion regarding the valves & meters, gas leakage, grounding, etc. The updating process has started.

The trainers introduced the operation and maintenance instructions, and emphasized the importance of regulated operation by the combined description of chemical & physical property of gases, and examples of gases accidents in and out of China. Trainees had a heated discussion with the trainers on difficulties they met during their daily operation.

Most of trainees received an improvement on the understanding of industrial gases and were more confident in future operation. Furthermore, a concept of scientific operation and work safety has been established. We hope similar program can be continued later.

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