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Fire Drill Organized as a Summary of June (Work Safety Month)

Number of visits:683 date:2015-07-01

SHIELD organized an effective fire drill on the afternoon of June 30, 2015, as a summary of its effort of holding several inter &outer trainings on topic of Work Safety all through June, 2015, which was proposed by China Central Government as a “Work Safety Month”.

All departments in SHIELD had already been notified for their roles &responsibilities in this fire drill and employees were all motivated to be involved, after a Fire Drill Proposal, written in accordance with Fire-fighting Emergent Plan of SHIELD, was published one week before June 30th. Theoretical knowledge had been taught in an inner training and an outer training (held by Specialists of French Company Liquid Air).

This on site fire drill was divided into two sections. Section one was Emergent Evacuation. Every employee stopped working and ran out of building in groups along the regulated routine, immediately the bell alarmed. Employees were organized on open ground and department leaders were asked to call the roll and report the result to the management. Section two was Fire Drill Practice. The management emphasized work safety concept and safety specialist taught everyone to correctly perform fire hydrant and fire-extinguisher. Employees were grouped and were asked to practice the fire-extinguishers. Male employees were additionally asked to practice fire hydrant and fire hose.

Employees in SHIELD receive good fire-fighting skills from this fire drill experience and will intensify their understanding work safety. This activity achieves our goal of “Reminding everyone of the red line and the importance of safe production”.

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