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SHIELD Launched High Quality Yellow-Green Color Phosphor

Number of visits:763 date:2015-07-27

SHIELD has recently launched its newly developed white light LED phosphor——high quality yellow-green color LuLAG(GAL) phosphor. Our clients of medium and high end LED packing market will be provided with more possibilities in creating higher brightness and lower decay LED applications for their customers.

SHIELD’s LuLAG(GAL) phosphor shows four advantages:

1.It can be applied with broader band chips;

2.It can be used for producing high CRI LEDs when mixed with modified red color nitride phosphor.

3.It has satisfying in brightness and is cost-effective.

4.The stable element structure of pure Lu(Lutetium) in LuLAG phosphor produces the most reliable performance of LED packing products, and result in the minimum color offset and luminous decay, and thus is able to smoothly pass the examination of high temperature & high humidity test, pressure cooker test(PCT) and thermal quenching test.

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