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SHIELD Receives Work Safety Standardized Enterprise Review(Level Third)

Number of visits:72 date:2015-07-31

SHIELD was reviewed on July 30,2015 in its residence by an expert group of “Work Safety Standardization”,formed by experts from relevant departments of local authority, for its application of “Work Safety Standardized Enterprise (Level Third). The experts went through the files of work safety system and records of relevant activities, and checked on site the essential work safety positions, such as plants, housewares, power distribution room, and construction areas, especially for the storage, delivery and operation of Liquid Nitrogen and Hydrogen Gas. Conclusion report will be released soon and the rectification will be subsequently started.

SHIELD hopes to enhance its capability in “Standardization of work safety” and fulfill its commitment of “stable and safe supply for our clients” by means of this application. This will offer safety guard in our rapid progress which means the output of our main product, LED phosphors, is in vigorous growth and the new projects, sputtering target and conductive silver paste, are being pushed forward smoothly.

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