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SHIELD’s Assistance in Yantai’s City Civilization Improvement Project

Number of visits:276 date:2015-08-24

Yantai City will be reviewed in October 2015 for its application of the title “National Civilized City”.

Yantai Economic &Technological Development Area (hereafter referred to as YEDA), as an important area of Yantai City, is a newly built city of many immigrants.Since the late 1980s, thousands of companies and factories had been established in this area and consequently many immigrants from different areas of China gathered in these enterprises, during the rapid growth of industry and urban population. As a result, YEDA, as a city, were shaped, with a character of tolerance and open to new civilization. Yantai Shield Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (hereafter as SHIELD),later as a competitive role in new material industry, was born in Yantai Overseas-Returning Pioneer Park in Dec 2005. We born in mind the corporate vision “Light the world, light the future” and concentrated on assisting the growth of YEDA through our improved enterprise civilization during our 10 years’ growth.

YEDA has entered into a new stage of transformation and upgrading. Civilization of city, surpassing the attraction of land and labor, has become an essential factor in attracting talents, technologies and new types of business. That is why the whole city has started to build a civilized city since several years ago and has also started a three-year civilization improvement project.

Civilization of a city mainly depends on the civilization level of citizens and the spirit of civilization roots in local community and local enterprises, especially for the several thousands of enterprises which employ 80% of labors of our city (or equivalent to 60% of local residents). SHIELD, as a member in YEDA, will persist in involving in this project and enhance our level of civilization, in hope of contributing to the development of this beautiful city:

Our publication of Civilization Convention of SHIELD, reminded everyone of civilized behavior, whatever in plants, laboratories, offices, etc. Our additional rules in vehicle management returned the local community a clean, well-organized roadway. We cautiously arranged the storage of raw materials, finished products and industrial wastes. We built housewares for our tools and also planted trees and flowers to shape a green environment. We prepared new pattern of work suit for all employees (including summer suit and autumn suit), in hope of setting up a fresh image for everybody. We advertised the propaganda materials of this project through internet, social media, and notice board, which led to heated discussion, close attention and active contribution of solutions.

We at SHIELD feel pleased to work with our city in its development, and we convince that both SHIELD and our city will have a brighter future.

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