Yantai Shield Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. 
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Tel:0086-535-6934886( phosphor products)
       0086-535-3020827 (for sputtering target products)
Headquarter in Yantai City: 0086-535-3975011  Ms. Mao
Shenzhen Office: 13316915750  Mr. Luan
Zhongshan Office: 13928190862 Ms. Xie
Ningbo Office: 13356940517 Mr.Zhu
Phosphor products Technical service: 18954551961 Mr.Jiang 
Sputtering Target Products: 15763839294  Mr.Hou
Product Detail
High brightness and High CRI phosphor(Both value 90)
High brightness and High CRI phosphor(Both value 90)
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Remark: We've innovated one kind of single phosphor with different CRI and efficiency to satiisfy our high end clients' demand for high CRI and effiecency products. This sort of phoshpor has gone through the normal and aging test high temperaure&high humidity aging. High&low temperature, thermal cycling test.  We suggest that you adopt chips of band 455-460. The higher band, the better performance.

3000K Ra:85-90 Efficiency:>90lm/w 4000K Ra:90 Efficiency:>100lm/w